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Diet to Stay Healthy This Winter

Diet to Stay Healthy This Winter. 

Diet healthy

The onset of winter makes us yearn for spicy foods with extra fat Fried

buttered curries, mirchis- bhajilyas, dal with ghee and regular cafeteria

jaunts for hot samosas and tea is the order of this season. Sadly, such

comfort food can be quite unhealthy and fattening. In addition, added

reluctance to exercise in cold weather means most people will gain

weight in winter

There is a huge difference between what and how much food the body

requires and what the mind yearns for in winter. While, cold weather

demands extra calories to keep warm, the energy needs of winter and

summer are not poles apart in India. In India most of the regions

(barringa few freezing northern parts) have mild and sunny winters

Does Spicy Foods & Alcohol Keep us Warm?

Strictly speaking, spicy foods and alcohol do not warm up the body

even though you may Sweat after consuming them. Spicy food

stimulates pain receptors on the tongue, An autonomic response dilates

the blood vessels in the skin. Inis Causes lo5S of body heat in the form

of sweat. Alcohol also has a similar end effect.

The fruits in season (dates, apple, plantains, cherry, oranges, etc) low

fat snacks, nuts, coffee, tea, and a hot chocolate drink or two are idea

mfort foods in winter. Watch out for the trans-fat laden snacks when.

you eat out. Mirchi-bhajiyas and samosas prepared on roadside joints tend

to be cooked in lard or re-heated oil that is rich in trans-fats that clog the

drteries. lt you must have mirchis or pakoras, making them at home witn


fresh oil is a much healthier proposition


Here are some diet tips for winter:



Water: Water is the most neglected nutrient in winter. Water is imperative


Tor good health and research shows that it helps to stoke the metabolism or

human body. The cold, dry air draws water away from the body. Sip water

at regular intervals throughout the day. Water is also a natural appetite

Suppressant that banishes bloat as it flushes out sodium and toxins.

Green tea: Green tea not only boosts metabolism but also help in weight

lOSs. It also possesses anti-cancer properties and helps in preventing heart


Soup: If you eat a snack or a bowl of soup as an appetizer it will help to fill

you up with fewer calories. Studies show that after having a bowl of soup

people tend to consume about 100 calories less. The reason the

combination of both solids and liquids fills you up.

Fruits: Fruit eaters have been shown to eat fewer calories overall. This is

due to the high fibre content. Next time you feel like eating something

Sweet, grab some fruit and do your body a favour!

Low fat Lassi: Studies show that people on low calorie diets who have

included 3-4 servings of low fat dairy foods like Lassi (sweet or salty) lost

more weight significantly compared to those who ate a low calorie diet.

Calcium in Lassi speeds up the metabolism.

Phool Gobi (Broccoli): Research after research links calcium to weight loss

Broccoli or Phool Gobi (as it is called in india) is not only high in calcium,


but it is also loaded with Vitamin C, which helps in the absorption of


calcium. Phool Gobi is also low in calories and high in di┼čedse fighting


phytochemicals that boosts immune system. Its truly -a super food for



Oatmeal: Oatmeal is surely a good carbohydrate. It is also a good source

of cholesterol fighting, fat soluble fibre that keeps us full and provides us

with the energy we need to make the most out of our exercises.



Hot peppers: Capsaicin, an active ingredient in hot peppers, can speed up


the metabolism and help to curb cravings. Have you ever noticed howw


people sweat when they eat hot pepper?

This winter, just remember! Calories count, portion control rules, and

there's no substitute for a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Sa

get moving!

up with high-nutrient 1o0ds Witf
Forget sitting around shivering, and get
gaining weight.
outdoors during the day, every day! While
with your
Communicate any concerns
regular outdoor workouts improves blood
doctor Certain medical conditions make
circulation, the sunlight helps to top up the
Workouts in winter dangerous. Exercising in
vitamin D levels, and wards off Seasonal
Cold weather can cause angina (chest pain
Affective Disorder (SAD). Vitamin D,
related to heart), and may trigger asthina.
produced in our skin, is vital for healthy
Check first with your doctor if you have any
bones and accurate utilization of calcium.
Concerns, especially if you are above 35
SAD is a type of depression experienced by
years or have been inactive for more than 60
Some people during the months of
decreased daylight hours found mostly
Indoor Exercise
amongst communities in western countries.
There are numerous options for indoor
Usually there is no reason why anyone
exercises. This winter, consider
cannot continue a wide range of physical
* Joining a health and fitness centre -Health
activities throughout the year, provided the
and fitness centres offer a wide variety of
weather Is not extreme. Everything depends
exercise options in a supportive and
on the type of activity you enjoy. Depending
Comfortable environment. A three-month
upon what you enjoy, you just need to
membership in any centre will get yOu
Wear suitable clothing Wear clothes
through winter without worrying about the
that keep moisture away from skin. This
weather conditions.
will prevent you from becoming wet and
Yoga classes Physical activities, such as
chilled. Early morning joggers and walkers
yoga are often conducted at halls, studios
should wear reflective or bright coloured
and other venues. Yoga can help develop
clothes to increase visibility.
core strength, posture and
your balance,
Wear suitable headgear (cap, hat, etc.) -
flexibility, and help to relax at the same time.
While exercising outdoors in the cold, it i5
Indoor sports Many sports, such as
advisable to wear a suitable cap or hat as
volleyball, badminton and squash can be
one-third of heat loss in the body occurs
played indoors. Survey your local area to see
through the head.
if there are any facilities around, or start up
Keep your fluid levels up - Regular intake
your own club.
At-home exercise When it is too cold
of fluids and drinking water regularly 1s as
important during winter as it is in summer.
outside, and you do not even want to step
Cold weather fuels urine production, and
outside, having some exercise options at
every breath you take in winter, you
home can make all the difference.
can see water droplets being exhaled from
You can try:
the body
1.Exercise equipment There is a variety of
Exercise extreme caution - Workout in
strength-training equipment and
daylight wherever possible and beware of
cardiovascular machines available in the
slippery surtaces. Anticipate that visibility
market to suit all budgets. Select something
that is enjoyable, practical and easy to use.
is low in winters and if you are exercising
outdoors automobile drivers may not be
2.Switch on to exercise videos and TV
able to see you or stop quickly
shows -There are several exercise videos on
Avoid winter weight gain-To offset
the market, coverng everything from yoga
winter weight gain, seek ways to stick to
step aerobics. Some early-morning
your normal exercise routine, and monitor
television showS telecast a variety
your intake strictly, Tomato and other
cardiovascular exercises and toninan. 
Must Have Health 6adget
Steam Vaporizer
These machines are better and are less likely to
have a lot of bacterial growth. However, the risk
of burn can be significant. Vapor is made in these
to Keep Cold Away
devices by using a heating element to cause
steam. Normal tap water can often be used with
Winter is the time when children (especially
below 5 years) catch cold. Nasal congestion due
these devices making them much less expensive
to cold is a common phenomenon in winter. If a
to operate. However, owing to very high
temperature of the water, steam vaporizers
child is suftering from an upper respiratory
should not be used for very young (below 4
infection or related breathing difficulties, other
years) children
health complications may ensue. A humidifier
may offer better comfort to a child as it inmproves
Ultrasonic Humidifiers
the humidity level; the mucous membranes
These devices cause vapor by creating ultrasonic
remain moist, allowing the child to breathe
vibrations within the water. These humidifiers
easier. Moist mucous membranes are also tar
were originally thought to be better because the
better equipped to fight infection than dry ones
risk of dispersing molds, bacteria and minerals
There are three types of humidifiers to choose
were minimal. The safety of these devices is
from: cool mist, steam vaporizer and
much better than the steam vaporizers, and they
do tend to disperse much less bacteria and mold
than the cool-mist humidifiers. However, they
Cool-Mist Humidifier
send minerals into the air quite efficientily, so
These devices work by making water vapor
distilled water is a must with these as well
through a rapidly turning disk within the water
of the humidifier. Because, the vapor from the With the burn risk to younger children, steer clear
machine is not heated, there is no risk of
of steam vaporizer if you have children. And,
burning the child should the water spill or the
with regard to your decision about whether to
child places his/her face close to where the purchase an ultrasonic or regular cool-mist
vapor escapes. However, cool-mist humidifier
humidifier ought to be based on cost and how
uSualy includes cleansing of the tank on a difficult cleaning is going to be since they will
daily basis, as the cool water in it can be an
need maintenance every day
excellent breeding ground for mold and
Dacteria In addition, only distilled water
should be used in cool-mist humidifiers. 
Alternative Healing Theraples
Do they really cure?
People from all ages have turned to the spiritual world for healing trom
diseases. Seeking divine positive interventions for one's health 1s an
essential part of many major religions. As science can investigate tne
natural world only, it surely cannot show whether divine intervention
is possible; that question can only be left to a person's faith.
Amongst religious heads who operate, so to speak, "in good taith,
lurks another kind of faith healer: a seething pantheon of godmen,
gurus, fakirs and faith-healers whose practice of faith healing is
deliberate hoax. Their aim is money and fame, so it is no surprise
that these cheats tend to operate through public performances.
Using basic conjuring tricks and the ignorance of people, these take
faith healers command legions of followers while creating business
empires that are Worth millions.
Faith Healers
The notion that divine intervention,
prayer or the care of a supernatural
healer can cure disease has been
popular throughout history.
Miraculous recoveries were
attributed to countless spiritual
techniques commonly tied together
as 'Faith Healing
Anything is possible with faith
healing the blind can see, the
dumb can lame walk.
famous mostly curing mentally Approximately
all Indians seeking help for mental-health problems, first, consult
local traditional healers be it in villages or big cities. Faith healers,
fakirs and godmen are by far the most socially acceptable way to try
to cure mental illness in the country.
Some faith healers claim to get medical information about the
diseases of their audience from God. Their unexplained knowledge
evidence of their divine healing ability, but in reality, they
get hold of this information through some cheap and ordinary
means to trick these gullible audiences.
Talking about these growing phenomena, DrJ. Mayurnath Reddy,
consultant psychiatrist, Yashoda Hospitals, said, There are very few
psychiatrists in India and very few mental hospitals (only in cities) to serve
India's entire population. It is one of the lowest ratios anywhere in the
world. But even if there were more professionals, it might not matter. As
lack of awareness, inadequate hospitals and social stigma attached with
mental patients lead them to seek faith healers help. Psychiatrists compete
not with each other but with healers and gurus in India.
This means that most people in the country go untreated for severe
depression, substance abuse problems and psychotic disorders. Or rather
these people go untreated by qualitied doctors. instead, they turn to the
Faith healers disseminate extremely hazardous misinformation in defending
their practice of withholding medical treatment and seeking spiritual means
Solely for the cure of diseases.
Is there any proof that faith healing really work?
The first step in approaching this question is to identify what should be
considered as evidence that an ailment was cured by a supernatural
method. In my view, the evidence must be based on 3 basic criteria:
1. The disease must be the one that normally does not get well without
medical treatment
2. There should not be any medical therapy involved that may intluence
the disease.
3. Both diagnosiS and recovery should be provable by detailed medical
As far as I know, none of the above criteria were ever met. No faith healer
has ever sent the medical records ot his/her patients. None of their clients
(or patients) were ever examined by a physician before and after the
healing was administered. No faith healer ever compiled data, inquired
about his/her patients health, months or years after the healing, or even
kept statistics to show what percentage of people with various diseases
ere healed. On the other hand, there are many documented cases wnic
shows that people with serious disease have died due to abandoning
effective medical care after being healed by these so called faith healers
Tips to identify fraudulent Faith Healing Frauds
Faith healers are, simply said, con artists seeking money. Their trade
depends on our ignorance and sometimes lack of scientific or medical
investigation. Accordingly, it is apt to be careful with any godmen (sod
women), spiritual gurus, fakirs, faith healers, etc., who seek favours and ask
for money in return for healing, and that tells the patient to avol
conventional medical therapy. 


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